Title Loans in Drifton, FL

When Would You Need One Of Our Vehicle Title Loans In Drifton, FL?

Life is full of expenses that you both plan for, and unexpected ones that can hit you at the worst possible times. While it’s good to find ways to build savings or take an extra job or do a money-making hobby on the side, sometimes you simply don’t have the time to try and save before the bill is due. Fortunately, if you live in Florida you don’t have to panic because there is a way to deal with these unexpected expenses. The solution is applying for one of our vehicle title loans in Drifton, FL.

The Best Advantages Of Our Vehicle Title Loans In Drifton

There are usually a few deterrents that keep people from going to a bank to get a loan or even asking their friends and family for help. Maybe you can relate to one or all of the following:

  1. I have bad credit
  2. I do not like waiting for a decision from the bank to grant my loan request
  3. I am worried my friends or family might judge me if I ask for money, or I am afraid of ruining a relationship with them

If any of those apply to you, the good news is our vehicle title loans in Drifton do not have any of those problems. We do not ask the credit bureaus about you or even check your score. We also don’t even ask what you plan to do with your title loan money because it’s yours to use as you please.

Why Our Vehicle Title Loans In Drifton Have Those Advantages

So you might be wondering why our vehicle title loans in Drifton don’t have the usual conditions attached to them that bank loans and credit cards have. It’s because our loans are like pawn shop loans which use items as collateral and issue your money quickly, and in this case it’s your vehicle that’s the collateral. You do not need to worry about giving up your vehicle to us because we only need to hold the title. The title proves your ownership of the vehicle and we simply place a lien on it and store it in a secure location while you’re using the loan. But once it is paid off we give the title back. But in order to do this, you cannot have any existing liens on the title such as money you still owe on it to the bank or dealership. Usually you can expect your title loan amount to be about 25℅ of what your vehicle is worth, but it could be as high as 50℅.

Preparing The Documents Needed For A Title Loan

You just need a few documents to get a title loan, and we’ll remind you by calling you after you fill out our online application for Tallahassee car title loans. The main ones you need prove your age which must be at least 18, your Florida residence, vehicle ownership and your income. The following documents are accepted and must be brought to our store:

  1. Photo ID such as a driver’s license, passport, military ID or other government-issued document with a current photo
  2. Your vehicle title showing it’s clear
  3. Bank statement, pay stub, W2 or other document showing your income

The process from filling out our online application to taking care of business at our store generally can be finished all in one day. If you’re approved, you’ll just need to allow up to one business day to receive your funds. Most loan terms last for 30 days, but we also have options for getting extensions and refinancing.

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