Top 7 Finance Apps

Personal finance is something that you can make a part of your phone life. These days that is an app for just about everything, and it should not be all that surprising that personal finance is one of those things.

Many people would like to have a better financial life, and it just might start by putting some great finance apps on your phone. Today we look at some of the very best finance apps that are available.


This app has been around for some time and has captured the imagination of a lot of people. They have been interested in the fact that this app can link up to their bank account and allow them to more closely and accurately monitor their finances.

It is great because it tracks exactly how much a person spends in any number of different categories. It can help to show trends over time and help the individual to understand what it is that they can do to better their personal financial habits.


It may be necessary for you to start up an investing account if you intend to have enough money to retire on in the long run.

Remember, when you start to get towards retirement age you are going to be looking at figuring out ways to earn an income without having the ability to work any longer.

This is why you need to have saved up enough money in your retirement account to be able to live off of it.

For many of us the process of starting a retirement account is the most difficult part of all. It is hard to do because we just don’t have the diligence to put up the money to make sure we have enough to retire on.

Acorns can help us do this by just taking the change from the purchases that we make and putting them into a retirement account for us. This is a pain-free way to make the kind of retirement investments that we need to make to retire with dignity.


A lot of people like to trade in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin these days. It is an investment that requires one to make sure they have good timing. They have to always be on the ball as it were to make sure they catch every little movement in the currency.

Obviously, this is difficult to do without the aid of an app that allows you to monitor events from the comfort of wherever you may be. Coinbase is the app that you need for this.


Do you need help tracking when to pay your bills? If that sounds like you, then Prism is exactly the app that you are going to want to have handy. The fact of the matter is that the Prism app can give you alerts when certain bills need to be paid so that you are never late on a payment.

That is critical for keeping your interest rates down and making sure you don’t get any kind of late penalties for missing a payment.


Invest without any kind of transaction charges. This app is supposed to be the investing app of the people.

You can finally get your chance to make real investment gains when you start using something like this. At the very least you will not have to worry about the transaction charges that sometimes come along with other investment apps.


This app allows you to split up the cost of purchasing something when you are among friends. Perhaps you all go out for dinner or drinks and want to split up the charges between all of you. That is no problem when you use Venmo as it helps to make sure that no one gets left stuck with the entire bill to cover all by themselves.

Pocket Guard

Making a budget does not have to be the ordeal that some people make it out to be. You can make sure that you have the kind of budget that you need without the struggle of trying to come up with all of this by yourself.

Pocket Guard will help you make a budget the easiest way. Before long it will become like second nature to make a budget each and every month.

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